WDC Sundowners Volunteer Yomi


Yomi, a writer by chance and a digital marketer by choice. After completing her post-graduation in Finance, she chose to explore the digital world. With more than 6 years of exploration, she now help brands nurture the digital landscape through intriguing and empowering content. She formulates and implements successful content marketing strategies focusing on adding value and building emotional connect with the reader. 

Yomi believes that everyday is a new opportunity to learn more. Networking helps her connect with new people to learn and get inspired with their life stories. You’ll often hear her say, ‘what’s your story!’.


WDC Sundowners Pune Volunteer



Sushil, a techie by profession and explorer by nature.

He has around 11 years of IT experience with varied Clients from Pharma and Finance Sector, helping them succeed in their digital journey.

Loves to experiment with new technologies and to find ways to make Life beautiful with technology.


WDC Sundowner Pune Volunteer



Harshita is a Digital Marketer by passion. After completing her post – graduation programme in Advertising and public relations, she started exploring the digital world. With an experience of more than two years now, seeks for creativity and likes to communicate with people.

Believes in taking an extra mile to get the job well done and seeing what better can be done in a creative way.

Let’s explore digitalization together.

WDC Sundowner Pune Volunteer




The most easy-going person you would ever meet, Kshitij comes with more than decade of experience in diverse sectors. Kshitij is an Entrepreneur at heart and is a Co-Founder of Binary Stream, an IT and Digital Solutions firm.

A graduate in commerce from Pune University, Kshitij is a motivated player who consistently aims to push revenue expectations and exceed goals. He is a level-headed communicator who doesn’t take long in building a rapport with people. 

WDC Sundowner Pune Volunteer



A Digital Marketer at heart, Safee is doing all the right things and taking one step at a time towards a successful career in the Digital Marketing World. He works with Amazon.in at present, after previously working with eClerx. 

He is the sweetest guy around. It will be really hard for you to not like him. WDC Pune team is glad to have Safee with us helping in various aspects of planning and execution for the monthly Sundowners.

WDC Sundowner Pune Volunteer



Swapnil is the youngest member of the team and also the most adorable. He is a hard-working entrepreneur and a passionate Digital Marketer. He enjoys learning new things daily, specially from the field of technology.

He dedicates his time volunteerily for WDC Sundowners to learn through these meet-ups from speakers as well as the guests. Catch him at one of our Pune Sundowners. His simplicity will bring a smile on your face.