World Digital Conclave is world’s first ever platform that aims at bringing together all Digital Marketers and Technology Enthusiasts across the globe once an year. We are hopeful to gain more support from people as they come to know about our mission. Our ideology is simple. We want to create a platform that helps all technology lovers come together and learn from each other apart from business networking and personality as well as skills enhancements. We would like to build a community of Digital Marketers, IoT Experts, Blockchain Strategists, Big Data Analysts and more who are open to share and receive knowledge both via our offline or online conclave as per their availability and interests.

We would be happy to hear from intersted volunteers across the globe who would like to contribute and connect us with the right people to invite as well as sponsor in this annual global event. The event is being to be starting from India and then moving on to various major cities of the world every year. While the event will have Entry Passes for the offline event, it will also be available online to the rest of the world to learn from irrespective of their locations. 

World Digital Conclave 1